Eco grants


Grant funding for:
* External Solid Wall Insulation
* Internal Solid Wall Insulation
* Loft Insulation
* Room in Roof Insulation
The UK has renewed its commitment to climate change in 2019 and Britain’s obligation to reduce
carbon emissions provide beneficial free funding to improve your home.
The Government launched a scheme via OFGEM and selected utility companies that assist
households to pay for home improvements that may help houses to be more efficient; reducing
monthly bills and helping to save the planet!
You don’t have to be a current recipient of any benefits to apply for grant funding.
If your household net income (not including income tax and/or rent/mortgage and/or bills) is
£36,000 or less you could benefit from funding for home improvements that will upgrade your
home and reduce your utility bills!
Apply now! find out if you are eligible for a non-repayable grant with zero upfront costs.

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